Chilled's Old Channel Picture.

Anthony "Chilled Chaos" is known for his rage on The Impossible Game, and his intense knowledge of MMO's, especially World of Warcraft. Chilled usally plays games such as The Sims 3, Trouble in Terrorist Town, etc.


Chilled started his internet career back when he got Xbox Live for Halo 2 in 2005. He initially wanted the name of IronHawk, but then it hit him, at the age of 13, Chilled Chaos. Since then he has never changed it.

Chilled started his Machinima career on his old YouTube account,, where he made WoW Machinimas and real-life things with his friends. Unfortunately it was taken down due to copyright strikes. He continued to enjoy editing videos and producing original content so he went out and bought a Dazzle to record console footage. He got good feedback, and thus continued with the CriousGamers account. CriousGamers was actually a group he and some friends made a while back on the GameSpot Union Forums in 2008. Unfortunately the group kind of spread apart and Chilled was left with the YouTube channel since he was the only one to upload content on it anyway.